This is the June 2020 Real Estate Market Update for Affordable Homes for Sale in Greeley CO

Greeley CO used to be a an excellent market for affordable home buyers. But a persistent shortage of affordable homes combined with high buyer demand has created a difficult market characterized by rising prices and heavy competition. A successful home search requires buyers to be willing and able to move quickly when the right opportunity appears.

The showcase at the bottom of this page contains a real-time selection of currently available affordable homes, and the "View All Results" link below that will provide detailed listing information, always updated and current, for the complete inventory of these homes.

 Greeley CO Affordable Homes Inventory June 2020

There are only 19 homes priced under $300,000 for sale currently in Greeley CO, starting at $183,000, with another 48 affordable homes under contract and waiting to close.

Affordable homes have been selling strongly so far this year in Greeley CO, even with the limitation of low inventory . There have been 175 sales, ranging in price from a low of $72,000 to a high of $300,000, with a median price of $273,000 and an average price of $261,937. Market performance has been excellent - affordable homes always sell quickly. Average days to get an offer for the homes that sold was 17 days, with an average days on the market of 44. The sale price/list price ratio for these 175 homes was 99.0%, indicative of a seller's market and high buyer demand.

The availability of affordable homes varies constantly, so if you would like to watch for new listings to come on the market, we can help - we'll set up an on-going search especially for you, with your own customized web site - you'll be notified as soon as new listings are posted. And when you find a home that might meet your needs, please give us a call - we’d love to schedule a showing for you, quickly and at your convenience.