Condos & Townhomes for Sale in Greeley Colorado

If you are looking for an easy-to-manage home with low maintenance, want to downsize, or would like to live in very close proximity to amenities such as a pool, tennis courts, a playground or exercise facilities, you will want to take a careful look at the condos & town homes for sale in Greeley CO listed below.

Condos and townhomes are fundamentally different from traditional single family homes, primarily because there is common ownership of shared property, such as those amenities. While that can also occur in typical newer subdivisions with homeowner associations owning amenities, in condos and town homes, it includes land and common building elements as well.

Maintenance of those common elements, such as landscaping, yard work and snow removal, and even items such as exterior building maintenance and painting, and roof repair are usually covered by the owner's association rather than the owner. Because of this, association fees are typically higher than in single family developments.

Condos & town homes for sale in Greeley CO have sold well and have been a solid investment in recent times. If you would like to read about the market for these homes, we publish market reports for them regularly  - you can view the most recent at the bottom of this page.

Because there is constant change in the availability of condos & town homes for sale in Greeley CO, we can help if you would like to track this market - we'll set up an on-going search especially for you, with your own customized web site - you'll be notified as soon as new listings are posted.

When you find a home that meets your needs, please give us a call – we’d love to schedule a showing for you at your convenience. And we're always available to answer any questions you might have or provide any additional information that would be useful.

Here is a sample of the homes currently available for sale. To see the complete list, click on "View All Results" at the bottom of the showcase.