Homes for Sale in Greeley Colorado Zip Code 80634

Homes for sale in Greeley CO zip code 80634Zip code search is a useful tool for covering large areas of the city when geographic preference is a factor. Use this page to begin your search for homes for sale in Greeley CO zip code 80634.

The Greeley CO 80634 zip code encompasses the western areas of the city, north and south of US 34. It is characterized by a mix of older and newer neighborhoods, new subdivisions, and extensive retail and commercial development. It is the site of most of the recent growth in the city, and most of Greeley's housing stock, and particularly the newer homes, will be found here.

The 80634 zip code area is served by the Weld County District 6 school system. If you would like to check out the school area attendance maps, they can be accessed here.

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