This is the May 2019 Real Estate Market Report for Greeley CO



 Greeley CO Home Sales May 2019

Greeley CO home sales showed a small gain in April 2019, with 139 homes sold, an increase of 5.3% from the 132 sold in March 2019, and a gain of 17.7% from the 118 sold in April 2018. This year’s numbers so far seem to be on track to match what’s been happening over the last several years in home sales.



 Greeley CO Home Prices May 2019

Greeley CO home prices rose in April 2019. The median sales price gained 2.2% to $322K from $315K in March 2019, while the average price gained 7.9% to $342K from $317K. Since monthly price numbers tend to vary randomly, we get a better feel for where home prices and values are headed from the long-term trend line, and that’s still moving upward.



 Greeley CO Home Inventory May 2019

Inventory was essentially unchanged in April 2019, down 0.9% to 107 homes on the market at the end of the month, from the 108 homes for sale at the end of March 2019. The Months Supply of Inventory (MSI) held steady at 0.8 months, and continues the existing strong seller’s market.



The Greeley real estate market is showing very few signs of a spring/summer resurgence. While sales are mostly on par with recent years, and currently matches levels experienced in busier summer months, inventory has been stuck at levels insufficient to meet strong buyer demand and prices continue to rise. It’s still early in the year, but with overall conditions basically unchanged, we’re expecting this year to be similar to last year.