This is the January 2020 Real Estate Market Report for Eagle Lake Fort Collins CO Homes for Sale

With only 88 custom-built homes in Eagle Lake, it's not surprising that home sales in this gated neighborhood of north Fort Collins have periods of few sales and limited availability. But the last couple of years have seen unusual inactivity. Currently, there are no homes for sale, and there are no homes under contract and waiting to close. When homes do become available, however, they generally attract a lot of buyer interest because of the neighborhood's unique features, such as lakes, hiking paths and large lots.

When there are homes for sale in Eagle Lake, they will appear in a showcase at the bottom of this page, and detailed listing information, always updated and current, can be accessed by clicking on them.

 Eagle Lake Fort Collins CO Home Prices - January 2020

There were no home sales in Eagle Lake in 2019. In fact, the last recorded sale was in early June of 2018. The median price chart above displays quarterly median price figures, based on a rolling 12-month average, and, with the low level of sales typical for the neighborhood, serves primarily to show the range of sold home prices for the last 3 years.

If you would like to keep an eye on what's happening in the neighborhood, let us help - we'll set up an on-going search especially for you, with your own customized web site - you'll receive notice as soon as a new listing is posted. And when something of interest becomes available, please give us a call - we would love to schedule a showing for you at your convenience.