This is the 2019 Real Estate Market Summary for Loveland CO


 Loveland CO Home Sales - December 2019

Loveland home sales increased in 2019, ending the year with 2,026 sold, a gain of 1.9% over the 1,988 sold in 2018, but 15.5% less than the 2,340 sold in 2017. The market has clearly cooled off a bit as supply and demand come into a bit more balance.



 Loveland CO Home Prices - December 2019

During 2019, home prices continued to rise. Median prices ended the year 4.1% higher than they started, while average prices ended 3.8% higher.



 Loveland CO Home Inventory - December 2019

The availability of homes for sale during 2019 was less of a problem for Loveland home buyers, with considerably more homes on the market than in 2018, and a bit more than 2017. Market balance closely mirrored the patterns of 2018.



The Loveland real estate market became a bit calmer and more balanced in 2019. The very hot market of several years ago now offers more inventory for buyers, but prices increases from the previous imbalance between supply and demand has created a structural problem: a lack of affordable housing. That is changing the character of the market, and, in the long-run, perhaps the nature of our community. Our strong regional economy gives us the capability to address this issue - hopefully, we have the will. 2020 should be an interesting year, with external economic and other issues potentially playing a larger role locally than they have in the past.