This is the April 2021 Real Estate Market Report for Loveland CO



 Loveland CO Home Sales April 2021

There were 218 home sales in Loveland CO in April 2021, a drop of 2.8% from the 224 homes sold in March 2021, and up 35.4% from the 161 homes sold in April 2020. However, year-to-year, and even month-to-month comparisons have been heavily influenced by pandemic impacts.


 Loveland CO Home Prices April 2021

Home prices were mixed in April 2021. The median price rose to $434K from $429K in March 2021, a gain of 3.1%, while the average price fell 2.6%, to $501K from $514K. Severe inventory shortages will continue to exert upward pressure on prices.



 Loveland CO Home Inventory April 2021

Inventory remains at levels far short of meeting demand, with only 85 homes for sale at the end of April 2021, yet another three-year low and a drop of 5.9% from the 90 homes for sale at the end of March 2021. The Month’s Supply of Inventory (MSI) remained at 0.4 months.

We remain in uncharted territory in regards to the nature of the current real estate market. Demand for homes is high - homes are selling quickly, often with multiple offers. But rising prices and pandemic effects are squeezing the buyer pool. And when potential sellers examine those price impacts, as well as scarcity, on possible replacement homes, they seem to making a collective decision to stay put, at least for now. The mechanisms which generally restore market balance have been inhibited by static or declining income and pandemic uncertainty so far. And while we see some easing of restrictions and the beginning of a return to more normal times, we haven’t seen that begin to filter down to the real estate market yet. We think the first hints of that will come from inventory gains, and we’ll be watching carefully for that. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed.