This is the August 2021 Real Estate Market Report for Loveland CO



 Loveland CO Home Sales August 2021

Loveland CO home sales fell slightly in August 2021. 235 homes sold, down 0.8%, from the 237 homes sold in July 2021, and down 15.7% from the 272 homes sold in August 2020. However, year-to-date sales of 1,628 homes are up 5.1% from 2020’s 1,549 homes.



 Loveland CO Home Prices August 2021

Home prices were mixed in August 2021. The median price fell to $494K from $536K in July 2021, down 8.3%, while the average price rose to $579K, up 4.1%. Median price refers to the midpoint of the price range of all sales, while average price takes the total of all sales and divides that by the number of all sales.



 Loveland CO Home Inventory August 2021

Inventory rose significantly in August 2021, with 185 homes for sale at the end of the month, up 17.1% from 158 at the end of June 2021, but still well behind normal levels. The Month’s Supply of Inventory (MSI) rose to 0.8 months, as inventory gains outpaced sales.

The market has definitely cooled from its very active summer months. Extremely low inventory, unable to meet demand, resulted in a strong seller’s market, but with additional inventory coming on in the last several months, the pool of buyers has turned out to be relatively shallow. We’re now seeing some price drops and homes staying on the market longer, and we expect that to continue. And while the months ahead are a traditionally slower time for real estate in general, there’s nothing traditional about what’s happening to the real estate market, or the economy or life in general right now. So we’re not basing our immediate expectations on what has happened before. Rather, we’re thinking that the uncertainty about how the coming months will impact the economy may lead to some hesitation on big personal spending decisions, and anticipating a less active market through the remainder of this year.