This is the July 2019 Real Estate Market Report for Fort Collins CO New Homes for Sale

For home buyers in the mid-to-upper price ranges, new construction has provided a useful and attractive alternative to the inventory-challenged resale home market. And buyers have responded positively, attracted by never-lived-in homes with new concepts in design and energy efficiency and the chance to select unique finishes, options and upgrades.

A selection of available new homes can be found at the bottom of this page, and the "View All Results" link just below that will provide access to detailed listing information, always updated and current, for the complete MLS inventory* of these homes.

*Note: New home availability is usually understated in the Multiple Listing Service(MLS), since builders typically do not list their entire inventory there.

 Fort Collins CO New Homes for Sale - July 2019

There are 145 new homes for sale in Fort Collins CO, ranging in price from a low of $324,450 to a high of $1,559,000. Of these 145 homes, 59 are complete and ready for occupancy, 68 are under construction, and 18 have yet to begin construction. The homes that haven't yet been finished offer the best opportunities to choose finishes and features, and perhaps even some minor design modifications. There are an additional 103 of these homes under contract and waiting to close.

Sales of new homes have been good in Fort Collins CO so far this year. There have been 173 sales, priced from a low of $325,000 to a high of $1,347,264, with a median price of $478,100 and an average price of $523,323. Average days to get an offer for the homes that sold was 83 days, with an average days on the market of 125 - a bit longer than typical for resale homes because of construction time. The sale price/list price ratio for these 173 homes was 99.1%.

There is frequent change in the availability of new homes, so if you want to keep an eye on what's happening with these homes, we can help - we'll set up an on-going search especially for you, with your own customized web site - you'll be notified as soon as new listings are posted. And when you find a new home that you'd like a closer look at, please give us a call - we’d be delighted to schedule a showing for you at your convenience.