This is the October 2018 Real Estate Market Update for Two Bedroom Homes for Sale in Greeley CO

Home buyers searching the market for a condo or town home could benefit from expanding their search criteria to include two bedroom homes - they can fall into the same price range, address many of the same needs, and provide more privacy and flexibility. A selection of two bedroom homes for sale in Greeley CO is placed at the bottom of this page, and clicking the "View All Results" link just below that will provide detailed listing information, always updated, for the complete current inventory.

 Greeley CO Two Bedroom Homes for Sale October 2018

Two bedroom homes remain scarce in the Greeley CO real estate market - there are only 6 currently for sale, all of which are single story ranch-style homes, ranging in price from a low of $180,000 to a high of $21,500. There are an additional 13 two bedroom homes under contract and waiting to close.

Sales of two bedroom homes have been good so far this year in Greeley CO – there have been 81 sales, priced from a low of $85,000 to a high of $475,000, with a median price of $224,000 and an average price of $230,525. Market performance has been excellent - average days to get an offer for the homes that sold was 16 days, and average days on the market was 40 days. The sale price/list price ratio for these 81 homes was 101.0%, a sign of a strong seller's market and high buyer demand.

The inventory of two bedroom homes is constantly fluctuating, so if you would like to watch for new listings, let us help - we'll set up an on-going search especially for you, with your own customized web site - you'll be notified as soon as new listings are posted.